Something topical today considering all the media driven hysteria over the last week or so over something that kills less people each day than any other death causing thing.

And it came from this article I saw on Thursday “How Exercise Reduces Your Risk Of Infection”.

It’s a timely reminder that despite all the doomsdayers, we are not on the verge of extinction.

And that the best form of defence isn’t to run out and clean out your local supermarkets stash of toilet paper.

The best defence is offence.

Be active.

Eat the right foods.

If you do feel something coming on, chances are high you’re not dying, but just get on something like the Armaforce I’ve spoken about before that helps give your immune system a nice little boost.

And like Public Enemy said years ago “don’t believe the hype!”

This advice will be just as relevant when the colder weather, and traditionally higher sickness rates occur, as it is during a media driven hysteria period.

This study from last year, cited in the story above, found that exercise training does not increase the risk of opportunistic infections even after acute exercise, but rather reduces it. 

True, the study was done on mice, but I’d lay money that the same would apply to us.

So on the unlikely chance that you even come into contact with someone who has the Corona virus, you’ll be well ahead of the general population considering that those who do read these messages are healthier and more active than the average punter.

Of course if you do train in a gym, you’ll want to ensure that your gym does keep on top of their cleaning. 

I don’t know what the scene is like these days, but in the past when I did have more of an idea, some of them had very ordinary hygiene rules and habits.

The best way to avoid that?

Get outside and train like we do!


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