Reading the back of a food packet can be like trying to learn another language.

Mostly it seems like a bunch of jumbled info that doesn’t make sense to anyone.

Well the good news is things are changing.

The FDA in America has brought in new labelling guidelines as of January, that I hope we follow here with.

It’s made reading a label easier and taking out the confusion that food companies like to use to confuse us.

The biggest change?

The serving size is now in big bold writing near the top of the label and it now actually has to reflect what an average person usually has = not the old way of serving size that had some stupidly low number that no person who isn’t a child would actually eat.

Maybe this means a bottle of wine will now say 3 servings instead of the magical 7 or 8 that I’m supposed to get out of a bottle…

The other good change was the new addition for added sugar now that we know how bad sugar can be when it comes to diabetes and obesity problems.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the changes you can check out this video below where a dietician runs through it in more detail.

I just wanted to share the main ones today.

Hope that helps next time you’re looking at what to buy at the supermarket and hopefully we see it here soon.


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