Continuing on from the food theme I was mentioning yesterday, this is another one that gets a big run at DPM.

You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to realise that there are so many confusions and contradictions about what to eat when it comes to that age of question of how to lose stubborn kilos.

I mean you can look in one magazine and they’ll swear by one thing, only to completely contradict that a fw pages later with the other supposed ‘next best thing’.

But here at DPM we take a simple approach as you may well be aware.

There is no such thing as a forbidden food.

So you don’t have to go totally carb free.

You don’t have to totally cut out wheat.

You don’t have to totally give milk a miss if you would kill for a flat white.

No, you don’t have to say good-bye to ever eating a piece of cake again.

And of course, you don’t have to give up your wine or other beverage of choice.

Sure you can, and you may well get better results if you do in the short term.

BUT, when all is said and done,

if that is the difference between you actually sticking with the program, and getting the results you initially singed up for,

or giving up and quitting in frustration after you’ve had a crap day at work only to come home and find the kids have started world war 3 and all you want to do is seek refuge in a bottle of shiraz and block of cadburys finest.

then I know what the best option is.

It’s obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to spell it out.

You don’t need to be perfect with your food.

You don’t need to swear off all the things that keep you sane.

You just need to practice a bit of planning and plan them into your week.

And if world war three does kick in and you find yourself veering from the original plan, it is what it is.

Tomorrow is another day where you can get back to the game plan, readjust what you otherwise might have done,

or just write it off as a bit of releasing that pressure valve that exploded.

Just don’t make that too much of an occasion, otherwise your results will be slowed or stopped in their tracks completely.

There’s a big reason why this works for those stubborn kilos.

Apart from it being more sustainable in the long term.
And that reason is carb cycling. 

The way we operate with our DPM plans.

You get three days off the processed carbs (rice, bread etc) focusing on vegetables and fruits for your carb hit,

then on day four you have your carb choice.

That solves two problems – one you lose weight and two, it solves your carb craving problem before it kicks in and you just have whatever you can set your eyes on.

Then of course you get your cheat meals outside of these four days too.

Win-win wouldn’t you agree?

The reason this works is because it’s not as strict as it used to be originally when I first experimented with the concept. 

But the benefit, apart from keeping your sanity, is this is a lot more sustainable, which means better long term results. 

Interested in how it might work for you?

Just let me know and we can see what we can get working for you.


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