Some interesting numbers to throw at you today, courtesy of the latest Executive Health Index report which compiled the data from over 10,000 executive health assessments.

Have you ever had one of those as part of your job?

Basically, they compile this report to analyse if there is any trends and what can be done to improve those negative trends to lead to an overall better workplace for everyone.

Some of the findings included:

– Physical inactivity can see productivity decrease by 7%

– Smoking decreases productivity by approx 10% 

– Stress/anxiety/depression averages 13% performance drop

– Obesity results in average work impairement of approx 14%

– Neck and back pain reduces productivity by 20%

– And the big one – lack of sleep decreases productivity by up to 30%

What do you make of these numbers?

The one thing I’d like to see in further studies, is how much people being glued to their social media decreases productivity.

Cause I’m sure it is huge.

I know for myself in just the last couple of days like the NBA draft day and the opening of free agency saw my productivity go right down as I was constantly checking my phone for the latest signings and trades.

Anyways, when it comes back down to it at the end of the day, the real solution here – for us and for business as a whole – is to encourage physical activity.

Meaning businesses should be supporting their staff to get moving.

If that means paying for someone like me to come in and do some 30 minute sessions twice a week then that’s perfect.

If it means getting a company walking group together at lunch time – that’s cool too.

Or if it means actually enforcing lunch breaks and activity benchmarks as part of your contract, then surely that’s what the work places of the future will look like.

And if you are in a position at your work to do something about these numbers, and as a result, increase the productivity of your staff and their overall enjoyment factor at work then what I’m suggesting is for us to get something happening where I come into your work – or meet at a convenient local place to implement a physical activity program.

It can be customised for you and your staff, so if they like boxing, we can do that.

If they need more bodyweight workouts or cardio focus- that’s an option as well.

Maybe a general 30 minute circuit combing all of the above would be the perfect addition?

Whatever it is, I can customise a plan specifically for your work and I can legally train up to 20 people at one time (as part of my insurance), 

although the DPM groups usually work better with anywhere from 2 to up to 12 people to ensure that everyone is getting some focused attention during the workout.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in discussing, let’s have a chat and explore some options that we could potentially kick off in the coming weeks.

By the way, winter is the perfect time for this – it’s not stupidly hot at lunch for a workout in an office meeting room or outdoors.

So why not your work?


PS – you can see the report for yourself in its entirety here and if you want to discuss any potential training options that I can put together for you and your work place, then I’m happy to chat.

We could look into a lunch time or a before work option (day and times dependant on my availability of course)