Don’t be.

What I’m referring to is that age old line once you find out how old someone is.

You’re surprised cause you thought they were a fair bit older.

When in fact, they’re a lot younger than you thought.

Your initial thought was “Oh, they’ve sprinted”.

C’mon, admit you’ve done it.

We all have.

So how you can avoid being the centre of that discussion?


I want to remind you of the benefit, or introduce you to the benefit (if you haven’t been around here for a while) of something called HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training.

In a nutshell, this just means getting your heart rate up and doing as much as you can exercise wise in a small time frame.

That doesn’t mean doing crazy things like burpees or whatever.

Sure, they can be part of it.

It just means picking the right type of exercises that hit the most amount of muscles, 

and get your heart rate up at the same time.

All so you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing a workout just to get some small benefit.

It’s exactly what we practice at DPM, whether that be for our in-person small group or one-on-one personal training sessions, or whether that be remotely via the DPM Online Coaching program.

The point is, this type of workout formula (HIIT) is perfect for your busy lifestyle.

No one wants to train for hours every day.

That just scares people off if they have to expect to do that.

“Why bother starting”

“I can’t fit that in”

“Oh well, I’m too far gone”

But with this theory you don’t need that long.

Not even close.

And the benefit of this type of exercise is that it’s basically your insurance against old age.

Not only are you going to be burning more calories AFTER you finish your workout – cause you’ve kickstarted a fire with your metabolism,

but you get the anti-aging benefit too.

Yes, we’re all gonna die.

BUT how we age is up to us.

So we can get the body moving, get the weight loss benefit and overall health and fitness benefit,

but as a result our skin will be better.

Sure we’ll have a wrinkle or two as we age gracefully,

but not as much as those who don’t look after themselves.

And isn’t it always refreshing when someone is actually surprised when they find out you’re actually older than what you appear?

Don’t forget if you need some help with structuring something like this, but can’t make our in-person sessions,

then I’ve got your back with the DPM Online Coaching program.


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