Well if we’re talking about lockdowns, we can probably both agree that we’re already over it – but we obviously can’t control it so I can’t help you with that one.

Here’s one that I can help you with though – and it’s a common question that’s often asked:

How much exercise is enough?

And you might like the answer that I’ve got.

Less than you think.

I’ve done workouts that last 5 minutes and workouts that have gone for an hour or more.

Back in the day I used to get out on the bike and ride for 3-4 hours cause I had nothing better to do on a weekend.

Not a luxury I have anymore…

But you don’t need to exercise for an hour or more each day.

Yes, it’s great if you can.

But really – it all adds up.

So if you’re struggling to make your regular training commitment now with everything going on, get moving and still do something.

If you normally join the early group, get in on our shorter 30 mins sessions – it all counts.

Or, as I mentioned last week, get in on one of the home workouts that I’ve put on my blog.

If you missed that link, they’re below

DPM Home Workout Ideas

But seriously, just do something.

It’s better than nothing.

And your body will thank you for it.


PS – don’t forget if you’re interested in the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge, this is where you can jump on board. 

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