How have your sleep habits been of late?

Are you making the most of the lockdown and getting a little bit extra in seeing as you don’t have to commute?

Or maybe you’re still getting up early as your body is in that groove and that’s what works for you?

Maybe you’re struggling cause you’re awake at night worrying about one thing or another or having to homeschool for a little bit longer

Well if you are in the last category and struggling a bit lately, this might be of interest today.

It’s not about improving your sleep quality, I’ve written about that a little bit in the past.

2 of the examples are below if you’re interested:

But this is more about the old theory of catching up on the weekend, or when things weren’t as busy.
If this is you, the bad thing is that apparently you can’t ‘catch up’ if you’ve had repeated late nights or broken sleep.

That may be of no surprise to you if you always feel like you’re running on empty.

One particular study found that those who had 2 weeks continuous of less than 6 hours a night (and who thought they were okay and not sleep deprived) performed just as poorly on cognitive and reflex tests as those who had just 2 nights of deprived sleep.

Interesting don’t you think?

So even those who had the 2 bad nights then back to normal after that were still effected by that lack of sleep.

As with everything research based, this is just one particular finding from one particular study, but it might help explain why you still feel tired after a couple of bad nights in a row even when things get back to normal and you may even sleep a little extra on the weekend.

I know I can find that when it happens to me.

Hopefully this little reminder might help to remind you not to burn the midnight oil over and over again.

Obviously some times it has to be done, but if it’s just watching netflix, you may be better off sleeping.


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