You’ve seen the Crossfit and Zumba fads.

I even remember back in the day when Pilates first got cool.

Even kettlebells had their time.

Seems like everything has it’s day.

These days it seems the ‘functional training’ thing is what people jump on.

So this article I came across got my interest.

It mentioned what’s going to be the newest fitness trends.

You might be interested in some of them (#3 is my fave):

** Extended Rest Interval Training: Adapted from popular High Intensity Interval Training regimens, Extended Rest Interval Training (ERIT) requires the body to stay alert for up to 18 hours a day and then take 6 to 8 hours of rest, repeated every day of the week

** BragFit: A strict daily regimen in which individuals perform 10 intensive 15-minute reps of talking about their workout routine interspersed with very brief cool down periods

** Competitively Trying To Run Faster Than The Asshole Next To You On The Treadmills: This program encourages each individual to increase the running speed on his or her treadmill by working up a grudge against the entirely imaginary jerk he or she has projected onto the guy next to him or her

** Zambia: Many people are seeing weight loss results after just several weeks on this new fitness regimen of traveling to rural Zambia and attempting to survive
There was more of course but these were just the pick.

But the article is real (I’ll give you the link at the end of this email)

And yes, of course it’s taking the piss.

Funny side story – back in the day in the States,

I remember some girl I was chatting with thought I wanted to take a piss on her

when I said I was just “taking the piss” during my conversation with her.

Those Americans just don’t get it sometimes ha!

Anyways, it was a cool article that gave me a laugh.

Cause when it comes to fitness, some people take themselves so seriously.

Something that we don’t do at DPM of course.

Those who’ve had a sense of humour bypass definitely wouldn’t fit in.

But, in all seriousness, the stuff that we do at DPM is definitely on point when it comes to setting trends.

Those who’ve been around long enough remember doing all the ‘functional training’ stuff about 5 years before it became mainstream.

Remember the sandbags we used to use?!

And cause I know what works when it comes to dropping them kgs,

often ahead of what the rest of them are doing if I can blow my own trumpet for a minute,

You might be interested to know the next DPM Accelerate program is starting on Monday.

For 5 weeks we’ll work together and give you the accountability that you need to ensure that you can finally lose that 5kg that you can’t seem to shift.

– It can be done anywhere with the easy to follow bodyweight exercises

(along with video demos so that all the confusion about whether you’re doing it right or not is taken away)

– The workouts are short on purpose, so you don’t need an hour to get it done

(these will take you less than 30 minutes)

– The complete blueprint on what to eat and when so that all the confusion is taken away

(you’ll get easy to follow hard copies of the 3 Day Detox Diet and Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook

– But most importantly, you’ll get me checking in with you to ensure that you do what you say you’re going to do!

(this alone is worth the investment of only $97)

And like I said, it starts on Monday, May 16

And there’s only 10 spots available.

Once it’s full I shut the doors.

Click the link right here to join me and get back on track


PS – need a laugh on a Wednesday arvo? Here’s the link to that article so you know I didn’t make this up myself!

PPS – any questions about what this program is about hit reply and let me know


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