You sold your soul the day you logged onto the internet.

We all did.

Especially with Facebook.

They know more about me than even I do.


But this goes next level.

Or maybe it’s just smart.

Happened to come across an article where Netflix can tell exactly when you get hooked on a tv series.

Apparently each series has a ‘hook episode’ where you’re in.

I know for Breaking Bad and me it was like the second episode

(funnily episode 2 is when Netflix say most people get hooked)

Entourage & Power were the first one

(no data on this)

But it seems for most of the big series these days it’s either the second or third episode.

Kinda interesting don’t you think?

It it reminds me of what it’s like to come and join the DPM training experience.

 – You may not be exactly sold after the first one.

 – You still might be on the fence.

 – Your body may hurt. 

No one likes that.

Unless you’re some crossfit nutter.

But you’re almost there.

Then BOOM it happens.

Hook, line and sinker.

  ** You realise that this isn’t exactly like anything you’ve tried before.

  ** You realise that you’re starting to feel that little bit more energised.

  ** You swear that you’ve even started to lose a little bit of weight.

  ** Even when you may of been stuck on a plateau and stopped losing.

  ** You realise that everyone else in the group is just like you – they don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t mind a bit of self-depreciating humour as much as they might the next person.

That’s why I give you a 2 week test drive these days so you can start to experience it before you have to commit after only 1 session where you don’t really get the full picture.

So how bout it?

Come and give us a test drive.

We’re at Lilyfield, Observatory Hill in the mornings & Dawes Point at lunch time.

Hit reply now and tell me you’re interested in finding out more.



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