There’s been a few slogans over the years that have been used for political campaigns.

Jobs and Growth

Kevin 07

It’s Time

etc etc.

So I’ve added mine:

Hoo Roo, It’s Time For A Coup.

Seeing as there seems to be a massive distrust for what we have been offered this time around

and seeing as 1 week after a bloody election we still don’t have a winner,

I figure that it’s time for me to harness this disharmony and distrust and have decided to use it for the greater good of our society.

It’s time for my long awaited coup.

It’ll be a bloodless coup of course.

Providing the powers that be are willing to go way peacefully.

But seeing as my Dad always said I’d make a good dictator,

I figured its time to fulfil my destiny.

It’d be a benevolent dictatorship of course.

And there’d be positions vacant in the cabinet so you might be in luck.

But to give you an idea of what you’d be in for:

* Reduced health fund premiums for people who actually get off their butt and exercise = cause they cost a hell of a lot less to said health funds than those who do nothing and suck up all the resources

* mandatory reporting for childhood obesity as it is child abuse in most instances

* a junk food tax 

* a tax on overseas countries supplying foods to us so the incentive is on us to buy local and support local farmers

* Slashing the spending of corporate and political bureaucracy = no you don’t need to have a meeting to plan a meeting about having a meeting and reducing the life long pension payout you get just for serving in parliament for a few years

* kiddie fiddlers given the death sentence not the slap on the wrist couple of years they get now

And as I hinted at a few weeks ago = Human 101 would be a compulsory subject in all schooling.

You may not agree with all of them but that’s the beauty of a dictatorship isn’t it!

Of course this is tongue in cheek but I thought I’d take a different approach today

to give you an insight about how things could be different if something like this was actually in place.

And also to prove that talking about fitness and health doesn’t have to be vanilla and boring.

Seriously though, there’d be more of an incentive to lose weight and get moving again.

Not just for self serving reasons like wearing your old pair of skinny jeans or sliding back into that sexy black dress or even to live long enough to watch your kids grow up.

But also for the financial incentive.

Cause we all know that we can be motivated by money.

You’d actually get a rebate for doing so via cheaper health fund premiums and society would win cause the health care system would be less utilised.

Who’s in?



PS: still not convinced about what I’m on and think I should stick to my day job?

Come and join me at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill so I don’t have to implement this plan!


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