Apologies to Britney for that subject title…

However, I am going to give you another reason why HIIT training is so beneficial.

Yes, I know I’ve shared this type of thing before.

Plenty of times if you’ve been around long enough.

But it doesn’t hurt to reinforce this point.

And it may well reach someone for the first time who isn’t as used to the term as you and me.

Anyways, HIIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

And it’s pretty much the basis for what we do here at DPM.

Meaning we go hard for a burst.

Then have a recovery of sorts.

In some cases it’s a total recovery.

In other cases it’s a recovery for that muscle while we hit another muscle group.

Meaning, especially with our short sessions, that we can pretty much keep working for the most part of the workout, without having to sacrifice any results.

The latest research that I saw for this was from the British Journal Of Sports Medicine and they found that this type of training resulted in 28.5% more weight loss than a more traditional moderate intensity continuous training.

That would mean stuff like going for a long run or a walk or a bike ride for example.

Or even a gym session where you take your time work a bit of this, and a bit of that and rest for a few minutes between each set while you post an instagram update of your workout.

Like I said, this result isn’t news for most of us.

But if someone sees this appear repeatedly and go, well maybe it is worth giving a go, then I’ve done my job.

Cause you and I both know we don’t have endless hours to commit to exercise each day.

So when we do commit to something, it has to work.

And ideally, in minimal time.

That’s the cool thing I like about the workouts in my book.

Like the title suggests, they are short but they are also sweet.

Meaning they’ll do the job.

I know when I do them it gets my heart rate up early and keeps it there for the 20 minutes.

That same feedback is what I’ve also been told by others who have already grabbed their copy.

Don’t be put off cause you think it’s too short.

They’re the perfect length when you do the right type of exercises – which we cover.

See for yourself here

And enjoy maximising your results in such a short space of time.


PS – and if it has been a while, don’t be put off thinking it’ll be too hard. You work at your pace. 

Meaning you’ll do the easier option shown in the video demos and as is mentioned in the book – do what you can. 

Rest when you need it and work on building up.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Neither were the results you want to see in the end. Remember that.


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