You may remember last week I mentioned the new ‘healthie’ trend.

Where celebrities are posting your workout on Insta or Facebook.

And I hinted that maybe I should post one up here for you to follow if you need a bit of mid winter Inspiration.

It’ll take about 20 mins tops.

Get your heart rate up.

And give you that feel-good endorphin boost once you’ve knocked it off.

It also proves that you don’t need an hour or more to get anything worthwhile done.

Best yet, following this sort of game plan as short as it is, for only 3 days a week can help you get back on track so by the time the warmer weather hits you’ll already be rocking those size 10 jeans again!

* As per any exercise program, only do this if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions, otherwise some you may need to modify

(and that’s the benefit of a professional like me can add- the knowledge of safe alternatives for your particular situation)*

So here goes, complete with video demos for each one another special DPM bodyweight workout:

1) Scissor Squats x 15

2) Side Plank Pumps x 15/15

3) Prisoner Squat Push Ups x 15

4) Box Step Body Blasts x 15

5) Hover Knee Drives x 15/15

6) Cardio Scissors x 15

7) Leg Shuffles x 60

Repeat x 3

Done and dusted.

What do you think?

Hit the spot?

This is the exact type of stuff like we do here at DPM.

Whether it be for one-on-one personal training sessions, small group sessions or online coaching via the follow along programs and accountability check ins, I’ve got you covered.

And when you follow the program you’re guaranteed to be sliding back into that sexy little dress or skinny jeans again.

Time to get started?

Click the link below, answer the couple of questions and take that next step.


I’ll then be in touch with a time for us to talk about things further


PS – Don’t believe this short workout will do the trick? Try it for yourself


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