Ask and ye shalleth receive as they say in the classics.

Got an interesting sms the other day from a DPMer who, I figure, might be just like you.

“Can you do a blog soon on how to get rid of baby belly fat when you are 40???? I need a reminder and inspiration”.

I won’t name who cause I’m not going to endanger my life by outing someones age!

But, sure as night follows day I can guarantee that she’s not Robinson Crusoe in this.

In fact, most of us know what we have to do already.

It just doesn’t hurt to get a reminder all laid out for you

So in fact this could be one of the most important messages you’ll ever get from me.

Print it out, flag it. Do whatever.

But if you want the answer to that question, make sure you actually follow it.

Here goes:

1) Follow the 3 Day Detox Diet

I’ve used it with many busy women now for years – with a few modifications here and there of course.

Why? Cause it works.

Don’t half arse it.

Follow it.

Sure, you can substitute this food for that food if you don’t eat something in particular.

Swapping tomatoes for cucumbers or salmon for steak or whatever isn’t a deal breaker.

Just follow the protocol in it.

2)  Follow the carb cycling as laid out in it

This is important.

You’re not cutting out all carbs.

You’re just getting smarter about when you eat them.

3) Plan in your cheat meals for the week in advance

That way you’ve not only got something to look forward to,

it just reinforces that you don’t have to always eat rabbit food to lose that baby belly.

4) Do enough exercise, but don’t overtrain

Yes you can do too much exercise.

I recommend 3 DPM workouts ideally a week – 2 minimum.

If you want to do something on the other days – go for a walk.

In fact walking is great.

For the head release and you time factor alone.

Do as much as you want.

5) Sleep as much as possible

Yes, we’d all love 8 hours or whatever a night.

But realistically it isn’t going to happen.

So get as much as you possibly can.

If that means not watching some reality tv show after the kids go to bed, so be it.

You can catch up later.

6) Have a stress release

Even if every other box is pretty much ticked off the stress factor is huge.

If you don’t have an outlet-  whether that be you time in the bath, reading a book, a massage or whatever,

your body simply cannot lose weight when you’re functioning in the red zone all the time

7) Finally, get someone on board with you.

Whether as a training partner or to join you on your journey.

Safety in numbers right?

Wanting more of these lose the baby belly secrets?

Or maybe you just need the accountability of having something to follow?

and someone to check in with you even though you can’t make any face to face sessions?

You can even do this with your baby at home next to you.

Maybe you just need that someone on board with you?

I’ve got 2 positions available to join me for Online Body Transformation program.

This is where we communicate online and you get the full workout for you to follow along with at home via our video demos


And of course, you get the same detox game plan and cookbook that every face to face DPMer gets.

All delivered to your door.

Any questions let me know otherwise you can sign up on the link above.

See you soon.