Remember the old Motley Crue classic Kickstart my Heart from back in the 80’s?

If you love a good 80’s hair band like me, you no doubt will!

Just take out the ‘when I get high, I get high on speed’ line.

I’ll give that stuff a miss.

But the chorus runs appropriate.

“Yeah, are you ready now?

Oh, yeah

Kick start my heart

Give it a start

Oh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah

Kick start my heart

Hope it never stops”


Now, while your heart may not necessarily need a kick start yet,

your workout routine may well need that little extra kick especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of rut and the busy-ness of life and family means your exercise routine is not what it once was.

This is where my first book, Short ‘N Sweet, comes in.

Join me on this journey, and in return not only do I promise to kickstart your heart with the workouts you’ll soon have access to (via instant PDF download while you wait for your hard copy book to arrive in the mail),

you’ll be kickstarting that process to help lose those stubborn kilos that you may have had trouble shifting previously.

As an extra bonus, I’ll even promise to stop the daggy Dad jokes!

And if you’re a busy parent who always thought they don’t have the time to exercise and commit to a regular training session, with everything you’ve got going on with your busy life, work, kids and being a typical runaround taxi service for them then you might be interested in what I’ve got to share in this book.

It’s called Short N Sweet: The 20 Minute Home Workout Solution For Busy Parents for a reason.

It’ll help get you back on track.

It’ll help you lose some stubborn kilos and you’ll discover how other busy parents just like you have made it work for them and their life.

And the best reason, just like the title suggests, it is short and sweet.

It will take a maximum of 20 minute to do each of the workouts.

And I can guarantee that because it is all timer based. And yes, this includes warm up and cool downs.

Maybe you’ve been burned by a program like this in the past that has made this type of claim, only to find that it took you twice as long as advertised even once you got the hang of all the exercises?

You may be wondering why this book is different and why you should bother?

Well, apart from me helping busy mums and a few dads since 2005 as part of my DPM training business,

so I know what works – especially for busy parents, like I said, this is all timer based.

And you’ll even get access to my website that has the video demonstration for every exercise included plus bonus downloads of each months workout in pdf and excel format.

You even have the option to invest in the All-In package where you can follow along with me on the DPM Trainerize app as I do the workout with you and provide the relevant training cues and timer prompts when needed so you don’t even need to worry about organising a timer with all the  right settings.

It’s literally press play and follow along with me. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

The added benefit of this All-In package is you’ll also get bonus access to my 6 Week Re-Set Program which gives you one small thing to focus on each day.

This is the fail-proof way to help get you back on track.

By breaking what may seem like a daunting road ahead down into one small thing to focus on each day, you are setting yourself up for success.

Now, I get you may be thinking this isn’t for you – especially if you if you haven’t worked out since your kids were born or maybe it’s been a while since you last did something?

The good news is there’s beginners options right through to the harder options if you need more challenges – perfect if you’ve been in a regular routine and just need to change things up.

I’ve got you covered either way. And you don’t need a degree in exercise physiology to understand everything as I use simple and easy to follow descriptions when I’m talking about muscles and where you should feel it and how to do it.

All in all, I want to take all the confusion out of working out, and as a result, taking away all the excuses that stop you from getting started in the first place.

Now does that sound like something you’d like to be a part of?

All you have to do now is select what package option below works best for you and I’ll see you on the other side.

Time for a kickstart?

Go here and I’ll get it going – no defib required


PS – and if you’re interested in that All-In package I mentioned, hit reply and I’ll send you the discounted $199 link instead of the regular $247 that is mentioned on the website above