How good are chips.

Or crisps for our American friends.

Actually, any chips are good. Be they hot or cold.

So, are chips healthy?

Kinda obvious no straight off the bat.

Or to be more specific, can certain chips be healthier than others?

Well, if you believe the fancy marketing, then definitely.

But all isn’t as it seems.

You’d imagine that finding some chips in the health food isle of your local supermarket should mean that it’s better than the ones you find in the junk food chip isle just a couple of isles over.

That would seem a fair comment right?

Well, not really.

I read an interesting comparison last week that might be good reading for a Monday for you.

It compared one particular brand of veggie chips against a plain sea salt potato chip.

Now the veggie ones are found in the health food isle, while the others obviously aren’t.

And the nutrition panel (not something I usually read to be honest if I’m buying chips) showed the so-called healthier version – the veggie chips – have twice as much sodium (salt) per 100g serve.

I don’t know how much 100g works out to be when it comes to chips, but I’d lay money that I’m having more than 100g when I do eat them.

Cause the old Frank The Tank line from Old School kicks in. “Once it hits your lips it’s so good”.

And your brain just says feed me, feed me.

Yes, the veggie ones have less fat per the same serve, but they have no where near the same amount of protein and almost 10x the amount of sugars in the carb breakdown.
Interesting yeah?

If you want to see all the match ups for yourself, you can do so here.

So just something for you to think of next time you’re shopping for chips.

Not saying not too, just so you’re aware incase you think the veggie ones are a better option for you.

Have a good week.



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