As you no doubt know, I’m a bit partial to a glass or three of wine.

Especially Shiraz.

Give me a decent bottle of that and we’d be friends for life.

And of course if I can find any bit of research that shows that there’s health benefits from drinking wine, then I’m all in.

This research I found last week is worth sharing with you too, cause I know that most DPMers like a bit of a drop too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing the stuff down your throat.

If it’s a problem for you, then obviously, your health benefits from you not having it.

But that’s a serious side track to get out of the way.

A study of people over 90 found they lived longer when they drank a moderate amount of wine and coffee (which is another win for me!) than those who abstained.

Add that as another positive study to the health benefits of wine.

And if you sometimes exceed that standard guideline, here’s some good news for you.

Another study that was featured in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine looked at how exercise can help you avoid the negative side effects from drinking too much alcohol.

That got my attention.

Cause who really has just the recommended standard drink?

I know my free pour in a glass probably counts as two standard drinks.

Then when I go back again, well technically that’s not ideal.

So this study showed that when people exercise as per the recommended guideline of 150 minutes a week (possible by a couple of short sessions and a longer walk),

it appears to nearly nullify the larger risk death from alcohol related cancers (and minimises cardiovascular disease) that can be caused by excessive alcohol intake.

That’s interesting wouldn’t you say?

And of course, this isn’t a green light to go and guzzle a bottle a night.

But it can be reassuring to find out that when we do have a little bit more than we ideally should, that we can do a bit of activity to help reduce the health side effects.

Also it’s another incentive to get you along to your DPM session, especially if you’ve had a bit more than normal the night before!