I’m going to go all Jerry Seinfeld with this one today.

“What is the deal with clothing sizes”

You remember the intro to Seinfeld with his ‘what is the deal with’ insert topic here?

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got 3 different sizings (at least) of clothes in your wardrobe.

Does it do your head in?

For me it’s not really a thing.

But I know for a lot of people it can play massive head games with them.

Which brings me to this point.

Do you think there should be a uniform sizing guideline or whatever you want to call it.

So if you’re a size 12, you’re a size 12 regardless of brand because thats what your  measurements equal too.

It sure would make it a hell of a lot easier when it comes to online shopping don’t you agree?

I know I’m not the only one who’s had to return something that doesn’t fit.

And that’s just one big giant pain in the butt.

The thing I like with buying shoes online (well runners at least, I save buying my high heels for the in-person experience…)

Is that most websites I buy off have a sizing comparison.

So if you’re a size 11 US for example in a Nike whatever, you’ll be a size xyz with this brand.

Not always flawless.

But better than the clothing that’s for sure.

There’s also another thing that’s not stock standard,

but this is a good thing.

And that’s the DPM Online Coaching program.

It’s not a stock standard one size fits all approach because everyone is different.

Some clients can’t do a certain exercise or have an injury which means you have to work around it.

Others might want to focus on a strict weight loss phase.

Whatever it is for you, the purpose is to find something that is custom built for YOU.

Not the next person.

And that’s the beauty of us working together one-on-one for a very small fraction of the investment that training face to face is.


Hit reply and let me know.


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