Have you got something that really works for you when you inevitably get a niggle or two pop up seemingly out of nowhere?

For some it might be a bit of foam roller action.

Others might like a session with a physio or osteo.

Some like a massage.

And of course you’ve got the ice pack which works good in the first 72 hours of a new injury.

All of them are valid answers.

They all have their place and I must admit that I use a combination of ice, foam rolling and trigger point work if I haven’t got a massage scheduled.

But there’s something that I like to do that I find really works for me.

It’s not a magic cure all, but I find it definitely takes the edge of the niggle – sometimes fixing it after just one treatment.

I’m talking about cryotherapy.

Yes it’s cold.

Especially in winter.

But if you haven’t tried it, maybe it’s time to step ‘into the unknown’ to steal a line from Frozen 2.

Basically you step into a cylinder like chamber for 3 mins – except for your head and it blasts cold gas at you. Something like -140 degrees give or take.

I’ve always found it takes the edge off my joints and helps with any little niggles that creep up from time to time but the real thing I like is when something more than just a tight muscle pops up.

Last week I felt a twinge in my back from sneezing of all things.

If that’s not a sign you’re getting older I don’t know what is.

It wasn’t bad.

But it was there.

So I booked my cryo for Sunday morning and sure enough I woke up Monday and for the first time getting out of bed didn’t hurt there.

It’s still kinda there.

But barely noticeable.

Compared to last week where a sudden movement wasn’t great for it.

My regular massage booked for later this week should help finish it off and sort it out.

And I’ll try and get back to the cryo in the next week or so just to finish it off.

There’s a bunch of reasons to give it a go if you  haven’t already – the best one is time friendly. 

It’s only a 3 minute session – so you don’t need to take a big chunk out of your day.

It also helps reduce inflammation in the body (no surprise when I find it helps my niggles) as well as reportedly helping with:

= anti-aging

= pain management

= sleep improvements (I also found it helped on Sunday morning pick me up after a rough night sleep)

= boosting your immune system (who doesn’t want that right now?)

= increasing your metabolism

All pretty valid reasons to give it a go.

If you think it’s something worth trying, your best bet is to google for a place close to you.

I actually drive out to see Cryofitness out at Penrith but it’s worth the drive.

Note this isn’t a paid ad, and I don’t get any freebies, I just rate their product and Clark is a great bloke who has had a tough time with all the closures etc this year with the lockdown so happy to give him a plug incase you see this and are near the area.

If you have given it a go let me know your experiences.


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