Have you had a listen to my side project, the Small Business Dads podcast? 

There’s some great insights here that you, or someone you know, might appreciate

You can find it on pretty much any podcast app or all the episodes, and a feature on each guest are on the website below:


To date, there’s 42 episodes live, with another three in the queue including one to drop tomorrow morning.

And even if you’re not a dad, or a small business owner, chances are you know one.

So I appreciate you passing this onto them.

My goal is to get this to 50 episodes before I take a break, so if you know someone who’d be a good chat, please get them to drop me a line and we can set up a time.

The cool thing about doing this over the last 6 months is hearing all the different stories.

Some people who came close to ending it all before they got help and turned their life around.

There’s also some great parenting tips that may help someone who is struggling with a particular stage of  their kids life.

And in general there’s just the reinforcement that although being in business can be a tough thing, especially in this time, the beauty of being in business for yourself is that you set your routine.

I’ve done mine so I can be around for my kids.

That’s why I don’t work afternoons and also Mondays.

So please give it a listen, and if you like what you hear, please leave a nice review on Apple and share it with someone who can benefit.


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