For the ten early birds who’ve already joined this new DPM Transformation Contest I’ve got some news for you…

I’m in too. 

I need to break a couple of habits again and this is the perfect avenue to do it in.

You know, practice what I preach and all that. 

You may remember me mentioning a few months ago that I had a coupe of weeks off the drink to break the cycle of just having a drink cause it’s the weekend. 

Or cause it’s steak night. 

Or lasagne night. 

Or cause there’s a game on that I want to watch. 

Or cause dealing with 4 year old tantrums got too much.

As you can see, there’s always an excuse if you want to make one.

Same could be going through your head right now if you are tempted to join us,

only to then fall back on certain excuses like “It won’t work for me” or “bad timing” or whatever.

Anyways, I think it’s good to do something like this every now and then just to break those habits that can creep in so a couple of weeks alcohol free will do me good.

The other reason for me is to tighten up the food again. 

There’s been a few birthday celebrations in the family and you know what happens then. Cake and the left overs that have to get eaten cause they’re there during the week and not just on the weekend.

I plan to lose the 2kg that I don’t need or particularly want to see on me.

So there you go.

I don’t just sit on my high horse.

I’ll be in the trenches with you.

And like I said yesterday, weight loss doesn’t have to be your primary reason for getting started.

It might be a side effect of breaking the cycle on a couple of things that need to be done.

Or maybe you just want to feel a bit more energised and focused leading into the back end of the year.

There’s no better way to make that happen then by harnessing the power of the group.

Share our wins.

Get comfort when you slip up that you’re not alone.

Just people who can be there for the ride.

And the beauty of this is we’re already at 10 people.

To answer your question – yes blokes are in this too.

However, as you probably realise by now, if they’re training with me they’re not the show pony who is self absorbed and posing for selfies in the gym mirror so you don’t have to be intimidated by that.

So if you want to join me, click the secure PayPal link HERE and invest your $199 to secure your place PLUS free access to the DPM All-In Package that will be selling for $247 when the book is released in a couple of weeks.

You’ll also get the advanced pdf copy of the book so you can start reading now, as well as the workout videos you need to follow along with in full so all you have to do is press play.

See you in there.