Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a green thumb?

To be honest, I wouldn’t go that far and call myself one. 

I still couldn’t tell you what one plant or another is called.

But I’m making progress.

I do know what a weed looks like now – compared to 8 months ago when I had no idea.

The one thing I do enjoy is getting outside and actually pulling weeds out of the garden and watering my plants.

It’s weirdly satisfying when you look back and see what you’ve accomplished and how the garden looks when you’ve pulled a bunch of weeds out and you see the flowers bloom.

I’ll move on though before your eyes glaze over with boredom and you hit delete before I get to my point.

What I do want to mention today is that there is some research out of Princeton that found that people who enjoy a bit of gardening reported the same level of emotional wellbeing and happiness during their activity as someone who goes bike riding, hiking or walking.

The other interesting thing that the researchers predict is that this leads them to suggest that household gardens can become the key to food security in heavily populated urban areas – which in turn makes cities more liveable and sustainable.

I guess they’re leading towards more rooftop gardens for people who live in apartments, or community garden areas.

But either way, it is interesting to see something as simple as getting outside and playing around in a garden can be so productive to someone’s overall health and wellbeing.

The other benefit I think, for me at least, is that it just just some time to myself where I can put my headphones in and just enjoy a podcast.

Sometimes the girls get out and help me which is nice too.

Just thought I’d give you something different for a Friday and hopefully it might inspire you to get outside, get some vitamin d and get in the garden this weekend (if you’re lucky enough to have one).


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