Good news, we’ve got the green light thanks to your interest in getting another DPM Transformation Contest up and running.

This time, as mentioned last week, we’re running for a longer 8 week cycle.

The benefit for this?

– Apart from you being able to notice a bigger difference between where you are now and we’re you’ll be when we finish on Sunday December 16?

– You’ve got longer to form and build on those habits that you start up again over the next 8 weeks.

So they’re more likely to stick around after this period – and navigate you through the crazy festive season time of year.

– You’ve also got a chance to pick yourself up if you have a tough week and things don’t go your way.

Normally that would set you back a bit for a 4 week program like we’ve always run the last few years.

Now you get a do-over basically.

A chance to wipe away that bad period and get back on the horse.

Cause 8 weeks is a nice decent stretch – but not too long – to build those good patterns, and allow for the inevitable slip up that happens to all of us.

Now it’s over to you.

To secure your place, your investment is only $199.

You can confirm your place by clicking here.

Why should you join us?

Well, apart from having an opportunity to join a small group of focused and like minded individuals,

you’re getting early access to my first ever real book – Short ‘N Sweet.

And not to mention the book, you’re getting a free upgrade to the All-In Package which will be on offer to those who purchase.

This normally will sell for $247 after this initial launch period, but as an early bird action taker,

you’re getting this transformation contest, and everything that comes with that, plus free access to this.

Better still you’ll only have to invest $199 = not the full $247, then having to pay for the transformation contest on top of that. 

Not bad hey?

Got any more questions that haven’t been covered over the last week?

Shoot them through and I’ll answer yours plus cover it in an email later in the week to help others who may have the same thing on their mind.

Cause Ive already gone on for too long, I’ll cover more in depth what we’ll be focusing on – and what you’ll have access to in tomorrows email.

Now it’s over to you.

What have you got to lose by joining us?


PS – confirm your place by clicking this JOIN NOW button to lock in your spot and get early bird discount investment of only $199 which includes bonus access to the DPM Short ‘N Sweet All-In Package before your book arrives, as well as the early head start on those who’ll join later this week