Finally some great news, we’re good to go in person from Friday!

Yep, NSW officially got the green light yesterday to relax our restrictions to level 1. 

That means we can do outdoor groups for up to 10 people – so 9 plus me.

Obviously this is fantastic for all the DPMers who’ve had to stick with zoom workouts only for the last 7 weeks.

I can’t believe that this week is actually week 7 of the zoom stuff.

It has gone fast – surprisingly.
So obviously, I expect there to be a high demand.

It’ll be first in first served.

For the regular Friday DPMers, you’ll get first preference.

I’ll be sending an SMS to you very soon.

Once the 9 spots are filled, there’ll be a bench list.

If you’re one of the first 9 and can’t make it for whatever reason, please let me know ASAP so I can pass your spot on.

If you don’t normally attend our Friday Lilyfield small group session, and want to be on the bench list let me know and it’ll be done in preference order.

Same goes if you’re interested in our Saturday Observatory Hill group.

They’ll get first preference then anyone else can fill the extra spots first in, first served.

The zoom workouts will still continue simultaneously as the in person ones so you can still join in once the 9 person limit is filled, or for those who’ve upped their packages to do more sessions while you’re working from home.

So you’re covered both ways.

Looking forward to seeing you in person – finally – on Friday!



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