Thought I’d contrast yesterdays celebrity ‘weird’ post,

with a celebrity who’s a great role model.

Now, this may not be ground breaking news once you find out who it is,

cause for years I’ve thought this.

Even before she was a mum.

The photo that I came across last week just confirms it even more.

I’m talking about Pink.

And last week she posted a photo of her and her daughter working out.

Like I said a great role model wouldn’t you agree?

She was doing a lunge while she was holding her daughter in one arm.

It looks like a tangled up ‘mess’,

but I’m sure you’ll agree that if you’ve ever tried to do a workout while your kids are around,

you gotta do some things you normally wouldn’t do as part of your regular workout right?

Besides, the extra 15-20kg or however much they weigh just adds to the intensity!

I love that for someone as big a name as Pink is,

she seemingly comes across as the same sort of everyday woman you’d see in the coffee shop just doing her thing.

And seemingly without the ego of the usual celebrity clowns that are as shallow as the baby pool at your local swimming centre.

This type of example is awesome as parent.

One of my favourite things when I ask Emily how her day was at daycare, and what she got up to,

is when she tells me she showed her friends “how to do exercise”.

Even at dinner the other night when we were finishing up she got down on the floor to show us her push ups and star jumps (her two favourites).

There’s definitely a few worse habits of mine she could pick up so I’m happy she’s running with this!

Anyways, if you’re looking at doing something with your kids,

maybe you want to be a part of the next round of our DPM Busy Mums Transformation?

Yes, they can even join in your workouts with you for a bit of family fun

(unless you’re using this as your ME time of course)

But this is what one busy mum had to say about one of our previous editions:

“the exercise was really easy to fit in, my little boys did it with me on some occasions which is really cute”

So how bout it?

Your kids will love getting involved, just like Pink’s do.

Let me know if you’re interested for another round.


PS – want to see some of the success stories from what mums who were once in your situation were able to achieve (despite their busy lifestyle) in only 4 short weeks?

Go here and see for yourself


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