Hope you had a great ANZAC Day yesterday,

and used it for more than just getting pissed.

If you’re anything like me you definitely appreciate it the older you get.

Not just for the chance to have a day off and a sleep in,

but for what it should be.

A reflection of those who have gone before us to give us what we have today.

Spending time with the family was the perfect way for me to spend it yesterday.

Cause I definitely appreciate that.

More than anything.

Maybe for you too?

The other night I finally watched a great movie you may have seen,

which even though isn’t representative of ANZAC Day,

still gives a powerful insight into what those fighting for our country may go through.

That movie was American Solider.

Have you seen it?

Yeah, it was graphic – but it was a powerful story.

And made me thankful that i don’t have to do what he had to do.

Or what those who we commemorated yesterday had to do.

I’m not going to bother trying to link it to what you may have to do to get on top of your battle to lose a few kgs.

Cause that’s just disrespectful bullshit.

It’s not even close.

The same as when you here some commentator try and compare going into battle with playing a game of footy.

Just wanted to share this as my way of showing thanks to those who have served.

You may be one yourself, or know someone who has.

So thanks.

Back to normal transmission tomorrow.



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