With the warm weather that we’ve had, and with what’s predicted for the next few days this week I’ve got a link you might be interested in today.

Healthy ice cream recipes.

There’s 7 different recipes to get your head around and even a couple of vegan friendly ones if that’s your thing.

Either way, I’m sure the kids will love these so I’ll leave it here for you.

I’ve got also got a nice recipe in the DPM Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook, which to be honest I haven’t made in years, but this might be the time to break it out again – or one of those above.

Remember all DPMers get access to this and if you can’t find your copy let me know and I’ll hook you up with the hard copy or send you the PDF if you’d prefer that.

Stay cool!


PS – I’ll be letting you know more about the Transformation Contest tomorrow, but if you haven’t joined us yet you can do so here