What’s the deal with your work situation this year?

Have things gone back to sorta normal – I mean with you going to the office more frequently than last year?

Or has the whole remote lifestyle kicked in and you’re enjoying the extra flexibility?

Or maybe it hasn’t even changed for you.

Anyways, this is aimed at those who have been making their return to the office.

I read something yesterday in the SMH on how companies were trying to lure their staff back to work by adding in things to encourage them to come in.

From corporate wellness programs like free gyms, or classes, to even one company having a virtual reality experience where you put on the googles or whatever it’s called and you can ‘escape’ to space, a forest or lake etc for some much needed downtime.

I don’t know how effective that is, but there was one line in the article that made sense to me:

“It’s like a bandaid. It doesn’t solve the problem (of resourcing and workload) … if you have a good culture and you have (wellness) perks … and they’re adding to your message, staff are more likely to buy into them.

But if they think they’re just an overlay to a structural problem … you’re just breeding cynicism.”

That’s an interesting take that’s worth paying attention too.

So the question to you is would you be more inclined to go into the office if there was something like the virtual reality incentive, or yoga or boxing or whatever? 

Not to mention the social interaction you’ll get from being at work and actually seeing other people in person instead of on a zoom call.

Or maybe you’d rather the convenience of being at home – which comes with it’s own obvious downside of being available for longer cause you don’t have to commute.

Guess it depends on the individual.

And if you think your workplace could do with some type of corporate health program or even just a lunch time boxing workout to get some stress out then I’d love to help you out.

If you’re the person that can make that happen, or if you can make an introduction with the person who could – let’s chat about what we might be able to get started.



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