So, I sometimes use Fridays as a chance to give another business a plug.

Someone whose service you may benefit from just like I have.

And also to pay it forward cause it’s always a good thing to do as I’m sure you’d agree.

Today is a little different though, cause I wanted to give you a chance and see whether you can please help me out?

It’ll only take a min or two for a quick google review if I’ve been of any help to you during your time with DPM, or even just the benefit you’ve got from reading these emails every day.

But I know it could definitely help someone else who may stumble across me and want to know whether I’m the real deal or not.

Cause we all know that it’s all well and good for someone to blow their own horn on their website, but it’s always more trusted and valued if it comes from someone else.

So, If you could please take 2 mins out and click the button below that would be greatly appreciated.

Click HERE To Give DPM A Google Review

Of course, not everyone has a google account,

so if you’d still like to help but would prefer to leave a facebook review you can click here and that’ll take you to the DPM review page.

Thanks for your help and for being part of DPM either in person, whether that be currently or previously, or from reading these each week!


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