Seeing as I mentioned last week that the DPMers would get access to the follow along at home workout videos today (which they will be getting in their inboxes later this morning), 

I thought I might as well offer it to you as well for a minimal investment. 

That way if you are looking for some workouts to get into over the Christmas break, or any time for that matter, all you have to do is push play. 

So for $50 you can get your access too.

Remember current DPMers don’t have to pay for this – but anyone else this is how you can get access too. 

It may get crickets, and no interest at all, but it may also send me a few bucks to donate to a couple of cellar doors next week in the Hunter Valley. 

This is what you’ll get for your pineapple: 

– 6 equipment free bodyweight workouts that are all timed for 20 minutes. Yes this includes warm up and cool down time. 

– Normally if you followed these workouts from the book you’d need to look at what each exercise is coming up and set the timer intervals yourself, but here you just press play.

 – You’ll even get a pdf copy of the book incase you don’t have that already. 

Look, they’re not professional quality shooting – it’s me on my iphone but it has everything you need. 

Besides you shouldn’t be looking at the video unless you need a demo of what the exercise is cause you should be busy actually doing what is in the video! 

And it comes back to the saying that it doesn’t have to be perfect – just get it out there and do something. 

Which is what I did when I didn’t  have a video person handy to shoot for me on some of them. 

You can grab the 6 full length follow along at home workout videos here for only $50.

There is a redirect link to the password protected page once you complete your check out.

I’ll email you the password to access and you can have all the videos in one spot. 

You’ll also get an email with all the seperate links to the individual videos that you can add to your favourites. 

The other bonus remember is you’ll also get a PDF copy for my Short N’ Sweet: The 20 Minute Home Workout Solution For Busy Parents book

So how about it? 


PS – Go here now if you want that action for only $50 (Aussie dollars of course)

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