What’s your take on food?

Can there be good food and bad food?

What did the food do to be put into that category?

Sorry bad dad joke I know…

But seriously, can a food be either good or bad?

Traditional thinking would lead us to say yes.

Some foods are classified as good – fruits (except for the sugar free crowd), vegetables (surely we can all agree on that), some lean proteins sources be that plant or meat based and so forth.

While on the other hand, some foods are classified as bad – stuff like traditional fast food – burger, chips and soft drink. Chocolates, ice cream, cake etc.

Even alcohol.

And to be honest, for a large part of DPM early years I used to have the same outlook.

Things were pretty black and white.

But as with the Star Wars movies, there can be some good in the bad.

If you’ve seen the latest Star Wars you’ll get the point, and same goes for the old Star Wars heads when Darth Vader saved Luke from the Emperor in Return Of The Jedi.

I figured I didn’t need a spoiler alert for a movie that is almost 40 years old…

Anyways, my point is I have evolved my thinking over time, and after 14.5 years of DPM and 19.5 overall in the fitness industry, you’d hope I’d evolve on some thinkings too.

These days I’m more inclined to think that no food is totally bad.

Everything can play a part in your overall food plan.

It’s just the totals that have to be modified if you’re working towards a goal.

If weight loss is your goal, you obviously need to focus on my whole foods and so called ‘cleaner’ foods in comparison to junk food and alcohol.

That’s a no brainer.

If you want to improve your risk profile on things like heart disease (like

I’m trying to work on right now) then I have to eat less meat products overall (no way I’m giving up my steak night on Sundays), but work on more plant based options and cut down on things like eggs..

Not the way I want to eat, but the way I have to eat if I don’t want to drop dead of a heart attack thanks to my genetics and damage already discovered.

A simple quote I read last week sums this all up well:

One single food doesn’t determine your entire diet

Pretty true I think.

So eat your favourite stuff but obviously balance it out with more of the things that your body needs more of.

80-20, 90-10 whatever your rule is.

Sounds like a smart way to go right?

It’s also more sustainable if you’re not depriving yourself of certain things.

In the past I know my recommendations might have been to avoid entire food groups totally. Sure it gets great results, for those who can stick to it,

but it’s also probably driven away a bunch of people who would’ve done well if things had’ve been a bit more relaxed.

It just would’ve taken them longer.

Which is okay.

But like I said, you only learn these things over time. The main thing is to adapt.

Does this align with your thinking?

With all that in mind, I’ll now ask that question again. 

Can there be good food and bad food?


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