What’s your approach to food like these days?

I thought I’d expand on this a little further from what I mentioned yesterday.

And I’m not talking about what type of eating philosophy you use, more so how you view different types of foods.

As in do you use good foods and bad foods or words to those effect?

Now I’m not going to crucify you if you do, as I once did back in the day I guess.

What I’m suggesting today is an approach that you may have even used with your kids.

So instead of labelling something as good or bad, cause subconsciously we often want what is considered bad or something we’re told that we can’t have.

Good ole human nature hey?

The thinking I’m referring to is more along the lines of the sometimes foods or all the time foods.

Yes you might argue we’re getting soft with how we refer to things, but when you think about this point at least, it’s not exactly a bad thing.

Even if it’s just referring to that subconscious thought thing I just mentioned before.

So a pizza or some wine for example would be a sometimes food.

As in you don’t want to eat that food all the time if you want to be anywhere healthy.

And the all the time food is kinda obvious – stuff that you can eat everyday.

Like your protein source of choice, your veggies, fruit and the like.

Make sense?

Do you think that’s a better way to approach healthy eating?

It can’t hurt as far as I’m concerned – especially if someone in the past has dealt with any eating problems.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your ‘sometimes foods’.

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