Read an interesting article last week on sleep quality during the whole lockdown period.

It seems that while people are sleeping longer, which makes sense cause people don’t have to add in commuting to work etc, their quality of sleep has gotten worse.

Which obviously isn’t ideal.

The thinking was that because people could structure their preferred sleep time with their preferred working time, instead of sticking with so-called business hours, they would have a better quality of sleep.

But when you dig a bit deeper, the obvious burdens on peoples subconscious minds such as job cuts or losses, having to home school, and other financial worries takes over so it does make sense.

With that being the case, and you might have noticed something similar with your sleep patterns, there once again comes a simple need.

We need to be doing exercise.

For the stress relief that it brings and also the obvious physical benefits that it gives us.

Such as the feel good endorphins that you get after your workout.

And of course you’re looking after your long term health, as any study will show you the links between exercise and longevity.

I wrote as much the other week here.

The other thing you can look into doing is some mindfulness and meditation stuff.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring have a listen to this podcast chat I did with Dan Ireland from Awareful for my Small Business Dads show.

Have a listen to Dans simple way of looking at things and there’s a link there to his pages.

And of course I can help you on the exercise front if you need a bit more direction there – either in person or by joining in our sessions on zoom.

So if you have been struggling with the whole sleep quality thing, 

definitely make sure you find what works for you by ticking off some of these boxes and hopefully it results in a better nights sleep for you on a regular basis moving forward.


PS – if you’re interested, you can see the full article here

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