There’s been some good feedback so far about how things are run at DPM and what I can do to help increase your experience and results.

It’s good to know the experiences are positive but I also like the things that I can improve on.

Some of which include:

* More timer based workouts moving forward – these seem to be well received.

Whether that’s cause you don’t have to count each rep out or have to remember where you were, or maybe cause it allows you to have a chat while you do it, or just cause the format means you’re working out more efficiently – whatever.

They’re all valid reasons.

So expect more of them moving forward. Especially the ones with minimal to no rest during each mini circuit.

* The other good point I got was something that I do need to get better at, and that’s proving some more instructions on form and technique.

I’ll cop that as something I can definitely improve on.

I guess I get used to doing things but need to remember that not everyone is at the same training experience doing things our way.

So thank you for that feedback.

I can definitely be more conscious of giving more cues.

It’s also reassuring, but not surprising, that my style of not being the drill sergeant who yells at you to do another push up is well received.

Like I always say, I figure you’ll join the army if you want that type of action first thing in the morning.

Finally, I realise the early time slot for our Lilyfield group can be a double edged sword at this time of year as the weather gets colder and staying in bed under a warm doona is pretty tempting.

But the beauty of this slot is two-fold.

The obvious one is that you’re home by 7am and can get on with the rest of your day and your workout is already done.

The other one isn’t as obvious. And is a little counter-intuitive.

I can safely assure you that the temparature actually gets colder as the sun comes up. So it’s actually better to train when we do.

You might have even realised that yourself.

Besides, after the first five minutes you warm up and likely lose the extra layer anyways.

By the way, if there’s something else you want to let me know about here’s your chance to do it.

It’s not too late if you have anything you’d like to add to these above points.

Let me know your thoughts by clicking the link here

I’ll keep it open this week until Friday, but expect to see some of those changes already suggested implemented right away.



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