There was something interesting that hit my inbox last week. 

It was an email from Gary Vee celebrating a day he named Good People Day.

I like the concept.

Basically, his thought is there’s so many crap things and people whinging about everything and anything every day that we don’t stop to celebrate those who are actually doing good in society.

So today I want to celebrate you.

Thanks for being part of DPM.

Even if it’s just by reading these emails each day.

But an especially big thank you to those who are actually coming to our sessions and allowing me to be into my 14th year of doing this.

Yep October marks 14 years.


And another thing I want to celebrate, and maybe make you aware of if you don’t already know about this is The Kindness Factory.

Kath is an old friend of Bron’s who has an awesome story which you may be familiar with now considering she’s been featured a lot in the media of late.

Bron showed me a Womens Weekly feature she was in this month too.

So if there’s someone we should be celebrating as part of this good people day it’s definitely her.

Hope this message started your week off on a positive note.


PS – if you’ve been following me on my fairly new Instagram feed, you may have seen I’m giving away 2 copies of my Short ‘N Sweet book. The competition closes tonight.

Want to enter? It’s simple. Click here, follow my feed and leave a comment on the post. That’s it.

I’m picking 2 winners at random at 8pm tonight.


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