Here’s something to make you feel better on a Friday.

Especially if you hate the idea of working out.

I’ve come across an article on the celebrities who hate to work out too.

See you’re not alone.

Take Sofia Vergara from Modern Family:

“Oh, I hate it! But I also know that at my age I have to do it to maintain my figure”

Or Reese Witherspoon

“If I never had to see the inside of a gym again, I’d be a very happy person.”

– Side note: I agree with Reese. 

That’s why at DPM we train in the great outdoors which is awesome at this time of year!

And now Eva Longoria:

“I work out in the mornings when I get up. I have to do it then…if it’s after 11 A.M. it just doesn’t happen. I have to get it done while I’m still on autopilot”

– Another reason why all my small group sessions are first thing in the morning – get them done and dusted before your day starts for real.

And as you may know, if you’ve been reading these emails for any length of time,

I’m not exactly in love with the idea of working out any more either.

I know I shouldn’t be telling you this cause that’s my job.


Just like you there’s a thousand other things in my day that take priority.

The only reason I do it is so I don’t get fat.

Sure I feel better afterwards – that’s a bonus side effect.


I don’t jump out of bed excited and counting down to the part of my day that I have to exercise.

In fact, I don’t even do it everyday.

You don’t have to either.

Give me 3 days a week and we’re sweet.

Who knows? You just might find working out with us to be something that you don’t hate.

That’s why the small group sessions work so well.

The others in the group are the type of people I actually want to sit down and have a drink with.

They make it fun and worthwhile getting out of bed at that time of morning.

Now it’s your turn.

Come join us as part of Team DPM at our Lilyfield early morning small group sessions.

The details:

– Open sessions: Monday and Wednesday – 5:40-6:40am
– Blokes only: Tuesday and Thursday – 5:40-6:40am (tell your hubby)
– Where? Leichhardt Oval # 3 in Lilyfield 

It’s right on the Bay Run and right near Le Montage.

Is this Lilyfield small group training something you’d be interested in?

If yes, I want to shout you a week on the house to check it out.

Just hit reply if you’re interested or need more info and you can come along over the next week and see if we’re the right fit for each other.



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