So after yesterdays little notice about how we don’t do burpees how did that make you feel?

Sigh of relief?

Or a hint of disappointment?

Thinking more the former than the latter right?

But if you did have a hint of regret, there’s no stopping you busting them out at home!

So in following on from that,

you may be thinking, if you’re not already part of Team DPM that it might be something worth getting your head around?

That’s cool if you’re starting to finally come around.

Cause I get that you may have been burned before.

Now while I can’t hook you up with access straight away,

I can put your name at the top of the waiting list for when we kick off in January.

All I ask, to prove your serious about starting, is to place a $50 deposit to guarantee your place.

Wednesday mornings at Lilyfield are already waiting list only,

So I’d advise acting quick – especially if you want in on Lilyfield.

But here’s the deal,

Once I see your deposit come through, I’ll send you a follow-along-at-home workout that you can get started with straight away.

That way it’ll see you through the Christmas break without doing too much extra damage.

I’ll also post you a hard copy of the DPM Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook and the 3 Day Detox Diet food plan.

You’ll be familiar with what you need to do once January 8 rolls around.


Hit reply and I’ll send you more details.



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