Some positive research news today that once again shows another benefit to exercise (apart from the obvious ones).

According to this research out of Texas, exercise boosts blood flow to the brain.

So what you may say.

But if you are predisposed to Alzheimer’s Disease, then this is very relevant:

“A new study by researchers at UT Southwestern shows that when older adults with mild memory loss followed an exercise program for a year, the blood flow to their brains increased”.

This is good cause it may help delay symptoms from coming on.

And if you are going through this, or know someone who is, then you can definitely understand why you’d want to hang on as long as you can to things before they start to decline.

Yes, this study is done on older people.

But let’s be honest, none of us are getting any younger, and if all of this stuff that we’re doing now helps us out a few years down the track then it’s all worth while wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve got enough things going against me gene wise to try and do what I can now so it doesn’t come back to haunt me and my family down the track.

So keep doing what you’re doing because none of us know what we are going to face down the track.

I’d just rather have as many runs on the board as I can to help fight against whatever the future may throw at me.

I hope you do too.


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