So trying to focus on the turning lemons into lemonade thing, rather than having a whinge over what we can’t control right now, 

and there has been some good feedback from a couple of our recent happenings that I wanted to share with you.

First of all, the kids workout that we tried out on Saturday went down really well.

We had I think 9 or 10 different families including my own who joined in which was great.

I figure if my kids can see me exercise it might hopefully make up for the times they see me with a drink in hand, but in all seriousness, it was a nice way to start a weekend.

And we’re going to run it again this Saturday if you missed it.

Same time 9:15am and we’ll keep it for the 30 mins.

If your kids want to jump in let me know.

They can also suggest any exercises that want to add into our circuit too.

Although as we found out last week, I still have no idea what a cheetah jump is.

Yes, I know it’s ANZAC Day but as with the last public holidays at Easter, we really can’t go anywhere anyways to pay tribute, so I wanted to give you something to keep a bit of ‘normality’ in your life.

So our usual sessions will run as per normal this Saturday.

I’ll keep the kids workout thing on as a week to week proposition.

As we both know with kids, their interest can be very fleeting as I found with Emily when she was really excited by it for a few days then stopped after a few minutes.

But for those a little older it might be a good thing to tide them over with no kids sport.

Anyways, let me know what you thought of it if you joined in.

Finally, the other bit of good feedback we had with the zoom workouts was around the timer action that we’ve been doing.

Sometimes we do the traditional timer action like 30, 45 or 60 second rounds but we’ve also been adding in a total timer like 5 or 6 minutes – adding in a couple of exercises with a certain number of reps and doing as many rounds as possible for that total time.

They seem to be working well.

And once again, keeps us moving when we need it the most right now.

As always, I appreciate you sticking around especially now under these different circumstances, and if you think we can add in anything else to your workouts let me know.

I’ve tried to incorporate a bit of extra cardio etc where possible as requested but let me know if you think anything else would go down well.


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