No I’m not about to break out in a rendition of Jason DeRulo’s going solo or riding solo whatever it was called back in the day.

But I want to share with you something that I did last week that was really enjoyable.

I took time out and went to a movie.

Saw that latest Solo Star Wars movie.

And I really enjoyed it.

I’d heard a few people bag it but I enjoyed it.

I guess the same people that complain about everything were the ones who found fault in this.

It covered Hans back story if you’re a Star Wars fan and that was cool.

But you know what the best thing about it was?

Actually sitting alone in a movie theatre (well almost alone, there were only 2 or three others in the cinema which is my style, rather than being packed in like sardines in a seat you don’t get to choose for yourself).

And having 2.5 hours without another thought in the world.

Just taking that time out was cool.

Not thinking about work or home or looking at the phone.

And it refreshes you.

As temporary as that was.

It was much needed.

Now, I get it, we’d all just love to go and take time out for ourselves. I know I’d love to do it more but that just isn’t realistic.

I had a bunch of things on my to-do list but I put them to the side for a bit of a mental health break.

It’s not always doable I get that as much as anyone.

But if you do have a chance, even if you can organise with the partner to look after the kids and escape for an hour or two for some you time I strongly recommend you do it.

Whether it’s a massage or a movie or just a walk for an hour without any distractions.

We all need more if it.

I know I do but you put it off.

My job now will be to try and organise more of them – and let Bron have hers too now that Jade doesn’t need to be attached to her basically 24-7.

That’s it for today, just wanted to give you another angle for a bit of ‘mental health’ action this time.

Hope it helps.


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