Today’s the  last day to take up the short term personal training vacancy that I have.

So who’s it for?

* You used to be fit and healthy but got caught up in the corporate treadmill and working long hours

* You’ve put on weight. Feels like shit to be blunt in your exact words

* You’re tired. Got no energy

* You may be mad at yourself for letting things get to where they are now

* You’ve still got your old clothes in wardrobe that you’d kill to wear again – particularly those hot skinny jeans

More importantly, you know exactly what to do


You desperately crave the accountability of someone like me to answer to and to just turn up and do what you’re supposed to do without wasting anymore time

If that’s you, I strongly encourage you to jump on this.

You’ll be starting next Tuesday.

You’ll also train on Thursdays.

I’ll meet you at Observatory Hill at 12:15 and we’ll get 30 mins of action in that’ll make you wish you had’ve done it earlier.

In 4 weeks you’ll either be exactly where you want to be or you’ll be well on your way.

All you gotta do is follow what’s laid out in front of you.

Are you ready?

Hit reply and lock it in now.

Today is the last day so we can get your 4 weeks in.

What you get for your smart investment I hear you ask?

Apart from that feeling of getting rid of your chunky thighs, flabby tummy and saggy arms?

– Well you’ll get 2 x 30 min sessions with me each week – designed to maximise your results in as little time as possible.

– You’ll get the complete DPM 3 Day Detox Guide that tells you what to eat and when so that all of the confusion is taken out of what to eat and when

(by the way this covers the rest of the week as well)

– You’ll also get the Quick Healthy Meals cookbook in a hardcopy format (same as the detox diet) so that it’s easy to reference when you need it

– Finally you’ll get the exact step by step blueprint to follow.

Oh, and you’ll also get some DPM gear thrown in.

And no, you won’t have to lock yourself away and live like a nun for the month to see any progress.

You can still enjoy your glass of wine or three and your ‘guilty’ sweet pleasures.

Want it?

Hit reply and get in first. Today’s the last day.



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