Today’s the last day I’m going to remind you of the opportunity to score a free dinner on me.

As you’re no doubt aware,

over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned that if you recommend a friend to come and check us out at DPM for 2 weeks on the house,

when they decide to join i’ll hook you up with a $200 dinner gift card each,

One for you and one for them.

Just as an added thank you for helping spread the DPM word.

This voucher will kick in once they’ve been with us for 6 months.

Not a long time at all when you think about it.

And considering that I’ve been training a bunch of DPMers now for over 10 years.

And another whole bunch between that 5-9 year mark.

That happens when you provide an environment that is enjoyable,

somewhere where you don’t have to think about the stress of your life,

somewhere the kids aren’t nagging you for something every 5 minutes,

and of course, somewhere that provides a formula that actually works in helping you finally lose those stubborn kilos you can’t seem to shift.

So yeah, if you’re thinking of someone who can benefit from what we do,

especially at this time of year, as we head into the warmer months,

please send them to this link below


Make sure they mention your name so you’re both eligible for the free dinners on me.

In case they ask, our small group sessions that I offer at Lilyfield, Observatory Hill or Dawes Point.

And if they’re interested in some one-on-one personal training sessions, 

I can come to their house which is handy if they’ve got young toddlers running around.

However, I only have a Wednesday/Friday morning time slot or Wednesday/Friday lunch time slot available for those (and that’s so long as the location is either near Lilyfield/Glebe areas).

If they’re interested in another location, I may be able to squeeze it in depending on where it is.

They can always ask.

Once again make sure they register here so you can both be eligible for your $200 dinner gift cards 


There’s also more info on that page too.

Or just get them to give me a call or reply to this email that you can forward them.


PS-  It’s true that I’ve made this dinner offer available to current DPM clients year round, but for the last month I’ve opened it up to you as well.

Today’s your last chance to make the most of it!


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