There’s an interesting phenomenon that’s been happening lately at DPM.

Seems like I’ve been going all Oprah Winfrey.

“You get a shirt!, you get a shirt!, you get a shirt!”

True, it’s not the cars that Oprah used to give away on her everyone gets a prize shows, 

but it’s not bad.

Some hot little DPM gear.

How come?

Well, not everyone’s getting one.

Just those who’ve been bringing friends along.

You see, I like to hook up someone when they recommend my small group sessions to their friends.

Cause after all, there’s plenty of options,

just that not all of them have our atmosphere 

you know where we don’t take ourselves too seriously,

where we don’t make you train until you vomit but still give you an effective workout regardless of where you’re at fitness wise,

and of course where you won’t have to worry about crawling around in mud or the pouring rain (not that it rains much now anyways…)

and where I don’t force you to listen to some doof doof music that’s pumped up way too loud.

Cause none of us are 21 anymore right?

Anyways, I just wanted to remind you of the deal for when you encourage a friend to come along and check out 2 weeks free on the house.

That way we both get to see whether we’re a good fit for each other.

* Bring 1 friend along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ singlet

* Bring 2 friends along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ t-shirt

* Bring 3 friends along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ hoodie 

And as per usual, when your friend decides to join us after their 2 week taster is up, you’ll get your FREE month rebate.

PLUS after they’ve been a part of Team DPM for 6 months, you will BOTH get a $200 gift card to have dinner on me at any restaurant of your choice.


I like to reward those who help me grow DPM.

After all, that’s why I’m still here 12 years later.

So who can you bring?

got someone interested? Please send them to this link


or hit reply and let me know their details


PS – The Lilyfield group is getting popular on Wednesday and Friday so if they’re interested in that group, the only availability now is Monday and Tuesday.

They can however join a waiting list for Wednesday/Friday.

Our Observatory Hill and Dawes Point groups in the city are still open though for all sessions


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