Not the four legged variety. 

I’m talking Greatest Of All Time. 

And when I say GOAT I’m taking about my favourite Olympian of all time. 

Anna Meares. 

I love this lady and everything she stands for. 

Unlike some other athletes that like to carry on, 

talk themselves up better than they actually are, 

and bag everyone who doesn’t agree with them 

(Anthony Mundine & Nick Krygios I’m looking at you)

Anna is all class. 

Win or lose. 

She is as humble in victory as she is in defeat.

And yesterday she rode in probably her last Olympic campaign. 

Years ago I had the pleasure to meet Anna,

before she was as big a deal as she is now, 

at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide when we went to watch the drug cheat and serial liar ride. 

Not Anna of course, I’m talking about that grub Lance Armstrong. 

Bron and I actually got engaged that trip so that was the highlight. 

But meeting Anna was still pretty awesome. 

It was not long after she won silver in Beijing only a few months after breaking her neck in a bad fall during a race. 

You could not have met a more down to earth and lovely lady, let alone superstar athlete.  

So I’ve been the president of her fan club ever since. 

I’ll stop fan-girling over Anna now,

but I want to share how she got what she wanted over such an amazing career.

* She worked her bloody butt off. 

* There were no short cuts.

* She had good days. 

* She had bad days. 

* She looked to her coach for guidance and support. 

* But above all she put in the work. 

Just like we’ve got to do when we’re looking to drop a few kgs. 

Sure, you and I don’t have to be world class athletes but we still follow the same sort of game plan. 

– Move your body. 

– Have more good days of eating than bad. 

– Learn from the days when you go off the rails. 

– Celebrate your wins – buy that tighter dress that you know will look hot on you now. 

– And, like Anna, surround yourself with a coach who can help you reach your end goal. 

And that coach just happens to be me!

To get yourself back on that right track come and join a small group of like minded busy women

(and a couple of blokes) who want exactly what you do. 


And Anna, if I ever run into you around Sydney that big glass of rum you said you wanted in that post race interview is on me. 

We’ll even go top-shelf rum.

Take that first step it’s worth the journey. 



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