How many times have you heard that bit of ‘encouragement’?

You know the drill.

You’re nailing your game plan, the some well meaning work colleague will be constantly in your head trying to get you to eat a muffin or chocolate or a birthday cake for Sally.


Especially if you’re really serious about dropping a couple of kilos.

Pretty common at this time of year right?


And there always seems to be something on.

Or someone always seems to have the secret stash of chocolate in the top drawer of her desk.

So what’s the deal?

Do we give in to sabotage just to shut them up?

Or do we just sit there quietly tucking in to your carrot and hummus?

What would you do?

Rather than just tell you to suck it up and be strong,

I’m not going to say ignore it all the time.

I’m also not going to say to give in every time someone nags you,

especially if you’re looking to lose those stubborn kilos that seem almost impossible to shift.

Now, if you’re at a maintenance stage where you’re not looking to lose any more weight,

more so just keep living a active lifestyle than go for it.

Of course you can enjoy it more often.

But even if you are trying to ‘be good’ and stay on track, remember at DPM I don’t expect you to live like a nun and just eat more and more carrot hummus and boring tuna salad all the time.

I want you to enjoy yourself too.

You better believe I sure do!

Just plan it into your weekly ‘cheat’ intake if there’s something you really don’t want to miss out on.

Doesn’t matter when you have your cheats.

Some like to save them up for the weekend.

Or a big function or whatever they have on.

Some like to spread it out more.

And enjoy when the mood suits.

Your call.

Just remember you don’t always have to live on rabbit food.

Especially when you follow the DPM way.

Cause what I recommend is a more sustainable way to losing those stubborn kilos,

so they don’t automatically pile back on.

And more importantly so you don’t get down and disheartened on yourself when you slip up.


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