What would you want to know if you could take a glimpse into the future?

Would it be when you die?

Or how your kids will grow up?

Or something else?

Maybe it’d be like old Biff from Back To The Future 2 where you go into the future and buy a sports almanac of all the results of every major event over the last however many years?

That could just be me though…

Anyways, here’s a glimpse into the future and it will be interesting to see if it actually takes off.

A tech company did a crowdfunding campaign (and raised nearly $1mill) to create a virtual reality personal trainer.

If it does, I might be out of a job down the track.

This creation – Vii, it’s a she – although it’s probably politically incorrect to assume someones gender these days…

but the product is a set of headphones and a neckband thing that you wear.

It tracks your heart rate, your speed your working at and calories burned etc etc.

Kinda like an advanced fitbit I guess.

She even tells you when to step it up or even slow down.

Do you think it would take off and put me out of a job?

To be honest, I think I’ll be sweet even if they do end up on mass production.

After all, who’s to say you won’t just turn her off if you don’t want to hear her anymore?

That’s a bit harder to do when I’m there putting someone through their paces.

But for those who have no interest in getting a trainer like me, or someone who travels a lot, it just might well help them.

And if it gets someone who wouldn’t otherwise do any activity moving then it can’t be a bad thing.

I’ll be interested to see if it does become a big thing down the track.

However, if you’re a bit old fashioned like me,

and prefer to deal with actual people face to face,

especially when it comes to something as individualised as personal training, then that’s where I can help.

So if you know of someone who that may benefit,

or maybe it’s you yourself who wants to step up your routine over winter, then I’d love to be able to help.

Just let me know and we can get a conversation started about what may work for you.


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