There’s always two ways to look at something.

The glass half full or the glass half empty.

It’s still the same glass but your perspective depends on a few things.

I guess mainly being how much you pay attention to the general news cycle (which is mainly negative).

And of course, the opinion of those around you too.

I try and be glass half full, but naturally you can’t be like that all the time.

It’s human nature, and I’d say it depends on the question.

This one though makes me a bit disappointed.

I heard on the radio yesterday how NSW Health were concerned about the ‘low’ amount of COVID tests over the last few days considering it had dropped below 10k tests a day.

To me, ten thousand tests or even 8-9000 a day is still a pretty significant number especially considering where we are in the cycle of things.

That’s one point.

And also, wouldn’t it be better to actually come out and say, well you know what maybe people have been paying attention over the last 6 months?

Maybe the so-called ‘low’ testing numbers are a result of people doing the right thing – socially distancing and wearing masks.

Meaning that they are less likely to get sick.

And also if those who are sick are doing the right thing and staying home.

Not to mention that the weather is warmer so people aren’t getting the symptoms as often as they would when the weather is colder.

Surely it’s not too hard to take an optimistic look at things?

Rather than portray a constant fear campaign?

Not saying that we’re all done and it’s over or it’s a 5G conspiracy theory, but maybe we need to change the outlook on things?

Just my two cents, but maybe we’re doing okay with this and the majority of people here have copped the tip and done the right thing so we didn’t end up like Victoria.

What do you think?


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