Some very interesting research that is only a week or so old to share with you today.

You might find this of interest especially if you know someone who is either experiencing dementia or is at risk of it.

This new finding that was mentioned in The Washington Post found that only 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise may help to slow the progression of dementia.

The best part was it only mentioned it needed to be done a few of times a week.

KInda cool right?

And it wasn’t just from some small sample size study.

It was done over 6 years and with just under 250,000 people.

So back to the definition of moderate to vigorous.

Basically something that is going to get your heart rate up.

So while a 10 minute walk is cool, you’d be looking to really up the pace or maybe get some hills in to get thar heart rate up.

And of course, any of the DPM style workouts will hit the spot on that front.

None of us are getting younger, so who knows if this will even be very beneficial to us as we ourselves get older, so this is just another timely reminder to keep moving and get the heart rate up!


PS – if you saw my message yesterday about the zoom only workouts for 2021, you can get in on the ground floor before the January 1 price rise.

This is another great way to get the heart rate up if you can’t train with me in person.


You can get started straight away for our last week and a half for the year (plus I’ll even have some videos to keep you occupied while I’m on leave – as I will for all DPMers)

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