Are you open to the idea of a corporate fitness team building campaign this Spring to help you and your staff get ‘the edge’ in your work environment? 

And by the edge, I mean both physically and mentally.

They’re both as important as each other as I’m sure you’ll no doubt agree.

I’m setting some time aside to focus on some corporate team training work over the next couple of months and I’d like to explore this avenue if you, or someone you know at your work who makes these decisions, would be interested in getting something happening that will help benefit team morale.

The program is a 6 week lunch time small group team training that can be customised for you and your staff.

So if it’s boxing circuits, or bodyweight circuits or whatever, I will customise a program to the needs of you and your group.

The program works best with numbers up to 12.

And after the initial 6 week program, we can judge the effectiveness and decide whether to continue or not as a more longer term staff benefit.

As for location, Sydney CBD, Inner West or Lower North Shore areas would be perfect. 

I’d love to be able to help you get out and make the most of the warmer Sydney weather that’ll be amongst us over the next few weeks. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, let’s arrange an initial chat by replying to this or we can have a sit down meeting to discuss further. 

I also appreciate you passing this onto anyone you know in your circle who may be able to benefit if this is something you’d like to see organised in your work place.

Let’s talk.


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