Whoever said healthy eating was just lettuce leaves and tuna should be taken out the back and shot.



Maybe not.

But really, all it takes is a little bit of creativity.

And not much time at all.

Cause really, anyone who uses the tired old excuse “I don’t have time to cook”
is really using code for “I just can’t be arsed”.

And as the cookbook that I’ve been sharing with DPMers over the last week proves

– you don’t need much time at all to make meals that not only taste pretty damn good,

but help you lose those inches that you’ve been wanting to lose.

As this recipe that I’m about to share with you shows.

I even made it up myself one day when I was throwing this and that in to try and make a dish that tasted alright.

Turned out a winner.

This’ll make a great lunch option.

And it’s even vegetarian friendly

(bet you never thought I’d say those words right?)


** Ingredients:
– 1 can lentils
– 1 carrot
– 1 handful coriander
– ½ bunch shallots
– ½ red capsicum
– Cumin
– Olive oil
– ½ small red chilli

** Steps:
– Rinse your lentils first and let them sit
– Rinse, peel and grate your carrot
– Rinse and chop coriander, shallots and capsicum
– Chop your chilli into small pieces
– Add all chopped veggies to a serving bowl
– Add your lentils
– Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– Sprinkle cumin over veggies to suit your taste
– Mix all the ingredients together

Total Preparation Time:
15 minutes

That’s it.

Like the sound of this?

You’ll love yourself a copy of my cookbook that is now in hard copy format for easy use.

And there’s even carb suggestions in there too for your carb days.

The misconception with my meal plans is people expect them to be grain free all the time.

That’s not right.

We just cycle your carbs as you’ll find out in the cookbook and 3 day detox game plan.

Want a hard copy of each of these for yourself?

Just click the link below to answer a few questions and I’ll be in touch


And for any DPMers reading this – you want one? Just let me know and I’ll bring it along next time I see you.


PS – next week I’ve got a beauty of a story to share with you – courtesy of some muppet who reacted to one of my advertising pieces. Stay tuned!


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