Time to get up out of your chair right now.

Move around.

Or do as House of Pain suggest and “get out of your seat and jump around” 

Random 90’s rap reference there if you missed it…

But seriously, I came across an article that you may find interesting.

And it’s how sitting is considered to be the new smoking.

Not cause you’ll get lung cancer from it obviously,

more so cause of the dangerous effect it has on our body.

Everyone knows that sitting down all day ain’t good.

But this article suggested that in the future, the next generations might be looking at us sitting on our arse all day in the same way that we now look at doctors who used to promote smoking as being good for you.

Cause that ended well didn’t it.

In fact, research coming out of the Mayo Clinic in the States reckons that you have to actually be fit and not just active to avoid the effects of sitting as we get older.

Apart from the bad backs and posture issues of course sitting down on our arse all day leads to that same arse getting bigger.

Not ideal.

Especially if your salmon is bigger to start with.

And that’s why you’re starting to see more stand up desks around.

To be honest, I haven’t tried one,

but the concept intrigues me.

And I reckon they might be a regular thing down the track.

So what’s the solution?

Of course you’ve got to move more and do something on a regular basis.

For some that might be joining our sessions here at DPM.

I’ve got morning groups in the City at Observatory Hill or in Lilyfield to help you out and get your butt moving again.

And not only will you start to drop those inches and fit into your old favourites that you can’t bring yourself to throw out from your wardrobe, 

you’ll also be doing something good for your health and reducing your risk of any sitting related problems down the track.

Kinda kills a few birds with the same stone right?

You know what to do to get started.

Just hit reply and you can find more info out.


PS – you can also go here and check out exactly what you get when you become a part of Team DPM (apart from the obvious things I just mentioned) 



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